Thorns & Spells for Chrome

Thorns & Spells on Android

The open beta for Google Chrome for Android is now live for testing. Performance is best on devices that support at least Android 4.4 ("KitKat"), like the Nexus 5. Instructions to play:

1. Open Chrome on your Android device and navigate to

2. Tap the "Play" button

3. Open the top-right menu in Chrome and tap "Add to Home Screen"

4. Name the app icon "Thorns & Spells" (or whatever you want, really)

5. Close Chrome and open the game through the home screen app icon. This is a more convenient way to play in the future, and will allow you to enter fullscreen mode and experience better frame rates than accessing it in a browser tab.

Thorns & Spells on ChromeOS

The open beta is also now available for Chrome OS. Instructions to play are essentially the same as accessing it in Chrome:

1. Navigate to Thorns & Spells on the Chrome Web Store -

2. Click "Visit Website"

3. Click "Play"

Remember to create your free account first at See you in game!

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